What's Included in the course

Within this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Witchcraft and how to create a solid foundation for your path.

20+ Online Video Lessons

This is where you get to know the Craft. Each lesson is crafted to help guide you to your Witch identity as you learn the fundamentals of the craft.

Learn to establish a daily practice

It’s time to light a candle and drink your morning coffee with intention. By practicing what you learn, you create a practice that is right for your journey. 

Enlighten and Define

Define and redefine your path as you grow and evolve. You will also learn about some of the pitfalls within the craft and how to avoid them. 

Magickal Relationships

As you learn and grow, you will connect with other Witches & Pagans walking a similar path using the integrated community. This is where you can ask questions and receive help and insight from your fellow Rebel Mystics. 

Meet your Instructor

Leandra Witchwood is a Witch of more than twenty-five years. Leandra is the Elder Priestess of her coven Indigo Hearth, an eclectic coven located in South-Central Pennsylvania. Leandra was initially trained in Wicca, beginning with a Faerie tradition, moving on to Gardnerian/Alexandrian, Elven, and spending some time learning with the Reclaiming folks. 

Leandra moved from ceremonial Wicca to practicing a form of Modern Folk/Traditional Witchcraft, which is the current foundation of her path. She holds certifications in Herbalism, Usui Reiki Master, Celtic Reiki Master, and Shadow Master, to name a few. As the owner of The Witchwood Teahouse, Leandra blends teas and herbal botanicals for health, wellness, ritual, and pleasure. Leandra also runs an empowered school and private community called The Rebel Mystic Community & Academy. She shares her decades of practice, knowledge, and experience with her members within this private online space.

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🍃 Tea & Shadow Witch 🌑| Herbalist 🌼| Author 📚| Blogger & Podcaster🎤

"There is a fire in your, and it is the most beautiful thing!"

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Within this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Witchcraft and how to gain momentum on your path.

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Our Roots

Learn about the origins and lineage of Witchcraft
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Personal Identity

Learn about ethics and the value of your core values
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Magickal Basics

Learn to create spells & rituals
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