Winter Transformation for Witches

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January 21, 2024

Embracing a steadfast spiritual practice isn't a one-size-fits-all experience. It's not about mechanically repeating rituals or scrolling through social media. The void you feel within is much more complex. Your journey is unique. Crafting a consistent magickal and spiritual practice tailored to YOU shouldn't feel like an impossible puzzle. Join us as we discover ways to tailor your craft so it fits you!

Who should Attend?

This mystical gathering is intended for...

Solitary Witches

Gain the opportunity to work with and learn from other witches while remaining solitary.

Witches Seeking Connection

Connect with other witches during our event through community discussions. 

Witches looking to learn & grow

Gain access to resources, lessons, and exercises guided by decades of working knowledge & experience.

Witches seeking Inspiration

Find inspiration and motivation to practice your craft through a simple yet effective structure. 

Happening in...


Unlock Your Magickal Potential

Why join us?

Gain Clarity

 In the misty unknown, where you feel overwhelmed by contradictory information, find clarity, ensuring each step is purposeful and aligned with your true desires.

Get Confident

Cast away the shadows of self-doubt and step into the radiant light of confidence. Our summit is not just an event; it’s a nurturing space where your confidence blooms. Through transformative rituals and supportive community, rediscover the powerful, confident witch within, ready to manifest her desires.

Know How to Begin

If the path seems obscured by the thickets of uncertainty, fear not. We’ll provide a roadmap allowing you to organize your magickal life with intention. Empower, and embrace the magick that resides within you. 

Overcome Overwhelm

Break the chains of idleness as you shift into inspired action. Claim your catalyst for change, providing the motivation, tools, and community support needed to break the shackles of procrastination. Embrace the transformative power of now.

Event Schedule


We will start the day with a simple routine you can usse to start each day with intention!

Starting with a morning meditation practice and learning to create sacred space. 

Before our afternoon break we will learn to calibrating our Compass and Energy Mastery.


After a short break, we will return to our practice by discussing Faux Self-Care vs True Self-Care. and the value of  Shadow Work for Witches.

Before our afternoon break, we will learn about establishing and maintaining Magickal Alliances. 


In the evening, we return to our discussions, beginning with Body Magick and Somatic Breathwork, then moving on to ritual creation using Leandra’s simple formula for creating meaningful and effective spells and rituals. 

We end the event with a LIVE ritual as we pull it together, followed by a community Q&A with Leandra.

This schedule begin 8:00 am EST

Winter Transformation for Witches

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Meet Your Summit Guide

Leandra Witchwood is a Witch of more than twenty-five years. Leandra is the Elder Priestess of her coven Indigo Hearth, an eclectic coven located in South-Central Pennsylvania. Leandra was initially trained in Wicca, beginning with a Faerie tradition, moving on to Gardnerian/Alexandrian, Elven, and Reclaiming. Leandra moved from ceremonial Wicca to practicing a form of Modern Folk/Traditional Witchcraft. She holds certifications in Herbalism, Usui Reiki Master, Celtic Reiki Master, and Shadow Master, to name a few. As the owner of The Witchwood Teahouse, Leandra blends teas and herbal botanicals for health, wellness, ritual, and pleasure. Leandra also runs an empowered school and private community called The Rebel Mystic Community & Academy. She shares her decades of knowledge and experience within this private online space with her members.

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This summit serves as a celebration of the myriad expressions of witchcraft, spirituality, and self-care within our community. We take pride in the richness of our collective, comprising individuals from diverse social and spiritual backgrounds. The overarching objective of this summit is to authentically showcase and uplift the multifaceted perspectives of contemporary practitioners of the Craft.

Our unwavering commitment is to foster a community that is inherently diverse, providing unequivocal support to all voices within the Craft. We are dedicated to creating a safe space for individuals belonging to BIPOC and LGBTQIA2 communities, ensuring an inclusive platform for the myriad experiences contributing to our shared journey’s vibrant tapestry.

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