The Rebel Mystic Method

A Guided Journey to Unleash Your Inner Magick

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will awaken your inner mystic, empower your manifestations, and guide you toward a life of alignment and abundance? 

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What to expect

Led by Leandra Witchwood, a seasoned Mystic-Witch and creator of The Rebel Mystic Method, this workbook and course is a unique opportunity to delve deep into the heart of magick, manifestation, shadow work,and personal growth. Guided by nearly two decades of wisdom and expertise, you now have the tools and structure you need to manifest you BEST life!

Dive into the transformative journey through five powerful frameworks.
Define your core values and align them with your vision of your best life. Never feel lost again!
Get Clear
Create a positive energy flow, shield yourself from disruptive influences, and tap into infinite cosmic energy.
Seek Mastery
Break free from limiting beliefs, own your hidden superpowers, and enhance your relationships.
Find Empowerment
Discover and nurture connections with your spirit team, Deities, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides.
Meet Your Spirit Team
THrough daily rituals, bservances and mindfulness practices you'll stay grounded, focused, and connected to your higher self.
Start NOW

Release the struggle and unleash your full potential!

Shadow Work is simple but not always easy. It’s not unusual for witches to feel distracted, disoriented, incomplete, unmotivated, or dissatisfied despite their best efforts to resolve deeply rooted shadows. 

❓Do you find it difficult to establish and nurture divine connections? 

❓Do you find it hard to feel fulfilled on your journey? 

❓Do you feel blocked and disconnected?

You are not alone! 

Dive deep into self-discovery with this special bundle that includes:

FREE access to The Rebel Mystic Method Course, a self-paced experience guiding you through each page of this workbook, complete with an online community for added guidance and support.

⭐️BONUS 1: Access to the FREE self-paced course guiding you through each page of this workbook.

⭐️ BONUS 2: Access to the FREE online community providing added support and guidance.

⭐ BONUS 3: Access recorded meditations and visualizations to help you solidify your vision and speed up your results. 

The Rebel Mystic Method covers five essential parts of shadow work and manifestation:

  • Collaborate your compass through defining your core values.
  • Master the energy within you and around you. 
  • Discover the fundamentals of shadow work for Witches.
  • Identify true self-care vs superficial self-care.
  • Identify and manage emotional triggers through pointed journaling and reflection work.
  • Manifest your best and most enchanted life as you cultivate magickal alliances!
  • Connect with your spirit team and strengthen your spiritual alliances.
  • Create divine petitions as you establish and utilize the power of divine relationships.
  • Use the ritual worksheets to create meaningful rituals that speed manifestation.
  • Create a daily plan of action through goal setting while gaining clarity on your needs and desires. 

Join the Rebel Mystic Community & Academy and deepen your esperice!

Gain access to the full community and course library!

The Rebel Mystic Community & Academy is a private space for individuals seeking support and structure to navigate their Magickal journey.

This is a safe place to express yourself as you make discoveries and learn to heal, balance, and grow. We encourage you to share your deep thoughts and experiences as you engage, uplift, and support the other members of this group.

Join a private group for individuals seeking support and structure in navigating their Magickal journey. Join Leandra Witchwood as we traverse the Shadowlands, ignite our magickal fires, and learn to integrate our mystical journey into everyday life.

Meet your Guide


Leandra Witchwood

A Rebel Mystic | Magickal Herbalist | Author | Blogger & Podcaster

Leandra’s education and experience draw from traditional, ceremonial, and modern Witchcraft. Her practice has evolved, making Kitchen Witchery and Magickal Herbalism essential components. Leandra owns and curates The Rebel Mystic Community & Academy. In this private online community, she teaches other witches her decades of working knowledge in Witchcraft, Folk Magick, Tea Magick, Divine Feminine Studies, spell work, and more. Within this community, Leandra hosts live interactive events and classes on various Witchcraft and Pagan topics. Leandra is the Elder Priestess of her coven, Indigo Hearth, where she oversees and teaches her specific style of Eclectic Witchcraft, incorporating elements of Magickal Herbalism, Kitchen Witchery, folk magick, and more. Leandra is currently the author of four books…

Don’t be fooled by IA generated workbooks and journals! The Rebel Mystic Method was created by Leandra Witchwood, a practicing witch, podcaster, shadow work master & author with nearly 30 years of experience. Learn more about Leandra HERE.
Not all books on manifestation and shadow work are created equal. Many of them lack a comprehensive and structured approach, containing repetitive content, and shallow exercises. Most lack depth, and opportunities to understand the emotions and psychological events which can lead to more confusion and frustration for those seeking genuine transformation.