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Join me for Tea ceremonies and Women’s circles where we use tea and herbs to connect with the Divine Feminine. 

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Find me at various local and semi-local holistic expos and events. 

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🍃 Tea & Shadow Witch 🌑| Herbalist 🌼| Author 📚| Blogger & Podcaster🎤
I have worked with and balanced the mystical and physical for many years. My training includes NLP, Reiki, Divine Feminine Studies, Shadow Work, Herbalism, and spiritual direction. I work with others through The Rebel Mystic Community & Academy, where I share my many years of knowledge and experience. Within this virtual school and community, I offer workshops, courses, and tools for navigating your personal journey. One of my specialties is incorporating carefully curated tea blends with the divine ceremony. I own and operate The Witchwood Teahouse, where you can find my 70+ varieties of organic loose-leaf tea. I blend tea for pleasure, function, wellness, and ritual.

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Leandra’s Merits, Diplomas & Certifications

Master Herbalist

I began my studies in herbalism over two decades ago. This passion started with a desire to know more about how my body and how the natural world works together. As I learned from many teachers and earned my diplomas, I quickly realized something was missing.

Herbalism is often referred to as a holistic healing modality; however, I quickly realized my training was off balance and becoming overly allopathic. I was growing uncomfortable with learning how to treat only one aspect of the individual – much like the philosophy of modern western medicine. From this, I began my search for a more balanced and whole method for healing and using plants beyond symptom-based analysis. This led me to learn about and begin using plants through their spiritual aspects. My desire to understand and go deeper into true holistic herbalism eventually led me to Vitalist Herbalism. My current study and practice of Vitalist Herbalism is finally seated in the holistic model. This journey has brought me home to more balanced methods for understanding herbs as I consider the whole picture over the symptoms.

Shadow Work Mastery

One day I remembered I was a Witch. With its realization, I began my life-long journey of exploration and study. Early on in my journey, I realized that I was hitting somewhat of a threshold thought I could not overcome. It was not until I met my friend, mentor, and Priestess in an Elven Coven that I realized what I was missing – Shadow Work.  

There were elements of self-sabotage and doubt preventing me from living my authenticity and reaching my potential.  I continued my Shadow Work long after we parted ways. Since then I have earned two Shadow Work Diplomas in Shadow Mastery and Advanced Shadow Mastery. These diplomas taught me the Jungian view of this work while my coven work taught me about the spiritual side of Shadow Work. In combination, I am able to help others navigate this sometimes-difficult journey in wholeness and balance.

Reiki Master

Through my herbal studies, I learned that energy healing helps round out the whole process of establishing wholeness and maintaining wellness. I began my studies of energy healing with Usui Reiki. After a year of study, I earned my Usui Mastery allowing me to teach and fully utilize this energy healing modality. After some time, I realized that this modality was not entirely fulfilling. I began to seek out other similar healing modalities that might better match my needs.

Through this search, I found Celtic Reiki, developed by Martyn Pentecost. This unique energy healing modality uses the knowledge and wisdom of the Celtic lore, trees, and the Celt’s understanding of plant spirits. After 3 years of study, I earned my Celtic Reiki Mastery allowing me to fully utilize and teach this healing modality. This form of energy healing has rounded out my understanding of energy, balance, and wholeness for myself and those I work with. 

NLP Master Practitioner

Our brain is a powerful tool for manifesting our desires, balancing our emotions, and creating wellness in our lives. Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) helps create a bridge between the physical world and the subconscious through sessions of deep trance and physical stimuli.

Through the art and science of Neural Linguistic Programming, I can teach you how to use the power of your mind. Together we will unlock your unique ability to reach a state of calm when you are anxious to manifest your desires, and live a more balanced life. 

The Divine Feminine

Over the past several years, I have taken every opportunity to learn about the Goddess and how she manifests in our lives. Her lessons, wisdom, and healing are inspiring and necessary for our changing times. I have studied her energy in various forms from various cultures. I spent some time studying with a Dianic group where I worked intimately with Goddess energy.

Women’s Mysteries are a necessary form of empowerment, healing, and balance our world desperately needs.

The Goddess is alive, and magick is definitely afoot. Join me at my next event to learn more about this exciting energy. I host and co-host a variety of women’s circles and events focused on Divine Female Mysteries.

Witchcraft & Kitchen Witchery

Like most Witches, I am passionate about all forms of Witchcraft, but I’m strongly drawn to Kitchen & Herbal Witchcraft. It is within these magickal techniques I blend my knowledge and experience to create practical methods for practicing Witchcraft. 

I have come to learn that through walking my path in authenticity, I have become a “Master Manifester”. Using the modalities, skills, and tools that resonate best with your energy and interests is how we become proficient allowing magick to become potent yet simple. 

Spiritual Life Coach

In group settings and through one-on-one consultation, I help my clients solve problems, get answers, and navigate life.

My methods include deep inner work, journal therapy, laughter therapy, tea, intuitive readings, holistic connections, and more. Through my decades of knowledge and experience, I help you bring enlightenment and wellness to your journey.


Throughout my journey, I have been led to write a variety of books focused on helping the seekers and beginners find their path. I take a practical, no non-sense approach to magick and living a magickal life.

My first book, Magick in the Kitchen, A real-world spiritual guide for manifesting the Kitchen Witch within, helps beginners get a handle on conducting magick in the kitchen through a real-world lens. My second book, Witchcraft for Beginners: A practical guide for seekers & beginners, helps those who are new to Witchcraft learn some of the basics and gain an understanding of this path.

I am currently writing several more books to help us all navigate the magickal, herbal, and spiritual road ahead.  


Serving as the Elder Priestess of the Indigo Heart Coven – a teaching and ordaining coven, located in South-Central Pennsylvania. Together we are dedicated to the celebration and observance of nature, food, magickal and spiritual development.

Our goal as a coven is to help support our local and semi-local Pagan and Witchcraft communities through various spiritual, political, and social initiatives. I serve as clergy as I spend time leading rituals, lectures, and workshops on various topics related to Witchcraft, magick, mindset, Tea Magick, and herbalism.

Join us for one of our Tea Ceremonies, classes, and workshops where we explore the value and healing powers of the Craft. My goal is to rekindle the ancient wisdom we hold within as we remember how to use plants to balance and heal ourselves – mind, body, and spirit.

Blogger and Podcaster

Explore the musings and wisdom Leandra shares on her blog, The Magick Kitchen, and podcast. 

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