Your Guide into the Shadowlands Leandra Witchwood

Leandra is a visionary, Witch, author, healer, intuitive, soul-centered business owner, and Elder Priestess. She is the author of Magick in the Kitchen, From the Witch’s Shadow, and Witchcraft for Beginners – along with other collaborative works. Leandra has taught her craft internationally, facilitated sacred ceremonies, communal spell-work, and seasonal rituals since 2003. She is the founder of The Magick Kitchen, The Witchwood Teahouse LLC, and Symmetry Holistic Collective LLC. Leandra serves as the Board President of the Community for Holistic Integration in York, PA. As Board President, she works with other community leaders to bridge the gap between the holistic community and those who need holistic resources and services.

Leandra holds diplomas and certificates in Herbalism, Celtic Reiki, Usui Reiki, Shadow Work Mastery, NLP Mastery, Divine Feminine Studies, Meditation, and other holistic modalities. Leandra is the lead teacher for many courses offered here in the Syndicate, including Claiming the Shadow. She believes in the emerging power of mystical collectives and dreamy circles of curious women, cunning witches, and creatives as a source of healing our suffering world. While Leandra’s craft is deeply rooted in Celtic/Irish mythology, folklore, and past life elements, she remains open to working with various Deities as they choose. Leandra believes the power of the universe leads us all to higher places as long as we remain open and willing. She believes passionately in the role of ancestral healing, mysticism, embodiment, and animism as a source of fulfillment.

Currently, Leandra works with various communities to help fracture the old systems supporting white supremacy and environmental desolation. She runs her shop in downtown York, PA, while maintaining her blog, podcast, writing, managing a coven, and other collaborative works.

I am led by a deeply rooted need for connection and activism. I can feel it ache in my bones. It is time for profound change. It is time for feminine archetypes to emerge free from the shackles of the toxic patriarchy. I invite you to join me as we sit around the flame and indulge in the fruit of the soul.

I look forward to inviting you into the Syndicate.