Indigo Hearth Study Group

Anyone wishing to become part of this group must complete the following APPLICATION

This study group is an extension of the Indigo Heart Coven. The topics discussed in this group are metaphysical in nature and range to include witchcraft, paganism, spirituality, magick, spell work, meditation, and beginners Witchcraft. This study group serves as a Witchcraft 101 class or starting point for anyone looking to join a coven with a more structured educational/training regimen. Together we will meet online and in-person to discuss various esoteric topics. Membership and completion of the lessons within this group is the prerequisite for anyone wishing to join the coven. This study group follows a 12-lesson format helping seekers to determine if they have a genuine interest in making the long-term commitment of membership.

Indigo Hearth Coven is a training coven located in York, PA. We are a mystery based initiatory tradition working from an outer to inner circle format. Students begin as Seekers gaining the most basic knowledge necessary for the practice and understanding of Witchcraft. At each stage, students learn the value of ritual, magick and the tools we use along the way. They learn to discover their power within and grow to understand esoteric knowledge to reach Priesthood or Elder status.

Main areas of practice and focus within IHC:

Herbalism – Magickal Herbalism, medicinal uses & spiritual applications
Tea Magick & Kitchen Witchcraft
Magickal Crafting
Activism/Community involvement

Senior Elder and founder, Leandra Witchwood, teaches workshops in Tea Magick and herbalism. Leandra established the Indigo Hearth Coven in 2011, to help seekers deepen their knowledge and expand their practice as Witches. Our core belief is that through sharing experiences and developing relationships, we create a stable and coherent community.

To complete the application for membership to the Indigo Hearth Study Group, please follow this FB link:

Application link:

IHSG is led by Leandra Witchwood, a practicing Witch and author with over 25 years of working experience. Leandra is also the founder of The Magick Kitchen (Est. 2011), a food and lifestyle blog dedicated to Witchcraft and Paganism.

To join this study group, follow the lesson plan and join the group’s discussions visit our collective on Facebook. If you would like to learn more about the Indigo Hearth Coven, please click HERE.

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