About IHC

Indigo Hearth Coven is a teaching coven located in York, PA. We are a mystery based tradition working from an outer to inner circle format open to seekers in South-Central Pennsylvania. We provide a structured environment for everyone to enhance their personal connection with Divinity. New seekers and students are welcome to apply.

Students begin as a Seeker, gaining the basic knowledge necessary for a practical understanding of Witchcraft, magick, ethics, and more. Moving forward, students learn to construct rituals, perform spells, and work to achieve goals both individual and communal. At each level, students gain a deeper appreciation of their inner power leading them to grow their esoteric knowledge and abilities.

The educational and leadership style of this coven is to focus on one another’s strengths (skills and talents) while building or reinforcing our lesser-used or realized skills and abilities. We spend a lot of time focused on inner work helping each member heal and as we seek to live our best lives. In following the Old Ways, this is not a singularly focused coven. We will work with both light and “dark” aspects of the craft.

Highlighted areas of practice and focus within IHC:

  • Herbalism – Magickal Herbalism, medicinal uses & spiritual applications
  • Animism
  • Tea Magick & Kitchen Witchcraft
  • Magickal Crafting
  • Light activism & community involvement
  • Deity
  • Ancestors/lineage Studies and practices

To complete the prerequisites and application for membership to the Indigo Hearth Study Group, please follow this FB link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IndigoHearthCovenStudyGroup/

Meet the Coven