Indigo Hearth Coven

About IHC

Indigo Hearth Coven is a training coven located in York, PA. We are a mystery based initiatory tradition working from an outer to inner circle coven format (i.e., Seeker, Candidate, Apprentice and finally Elder). Students begin as Seekers gaining the most basic knowledge necessary for the practice of Witchcraft in preparation for coven initiation. Candidates are intentioned into the coven for a trial period where they will decide if this path is truly right for them as they work toward their initiation as an Apprentice. Apprentices then move through our labyrinth-based learning structure to reach Elder and finally Senior Elder status. At each stage, each student learns the value of ritual; they learn to discover their power within and grow to understand esoteric knowledge to reach Priesthood or Eldership eventually.

Senior Elder and founder, Leandra Witchwood, teaches workshops in Tea Magick, Beginner’s Witchcraft, Mindfulness, and Sisterhood. Leandra established the Indigo Hearth Coven in 2011, to help seekers deepen their knowledge and expand their practice as Witches. Our core belief is that through sharing experience and developing relationships, we create a stable and coherent community.

IHC developed the Indigo Hearth Study Group, to serve as our outer circle and teaching group. Membership and completion of the lessons within this group is the prerequisite for anyone wishing to apply for membership to the coven. This study group follows a 12-week, online lesson format. Every two weeks qualified students gather to receive knowledge on beginner’s topic and demonstrate their comprehension of the subject discussed.

Indigo Hearth often hosts closed circles at Esbats and most Sabbats. Some rituals like the Sisterhood Tea Ceremonies and online Moon Circles are open to the public. Free public events are a listed on our events calendar at this link:

To complete the application for membership to the Indigo Hearth Study Group, please follow this FB link:

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