Indigo Hearth Coven is a training coven located in York, PA. We are a mystery-based initiatory tradition working from an inner and outer circle coven format (i.e., Seeker, Apprentice, and finally, Elder.) Applicants work toward their Initiation into the coven through an Apprentice program. This program involves completing lessons and activities within a study group.  Apprentices are also expected to take on leadership roles within the coven. Each member moves through our labyrinth-style learning structure to reach Elder status within the coven. At each stage, each student learns the ways of ritual and the power within as they develop an understanding of esoteric knowledge related to Priesthood and Eldership.

Senior Elder, Priestess, and founder – Leandra Witchwood works directly with students as she teaches a variety of topics, including:

  • Tea Magick 
  • Beginner’s Witchcraft
  • Occult Herbalism
  • The Divine Feminine 
  • Ritual Craft 
  • Magickal Basics
  • Kitchen Witchcraft
  • Shadow Work 

Leandra established the Indigo Hearth Coven in 2011 to help seekers deepen their knowledge and expand their practice as Witches. We believe sharing knowledge and developing relationships is essential for creating a solid, coherent community.

Indigo Hearth often hosts closed circles at Esbats and recognize Sabbats. Some rituals, like the Sisterhood Tea Ceremonies and online Moon Circles, are open to the public. The coven apprenticeship and exploratory structure is based on the five elements, a labyrinth system, and the pathways of occult herbalism. More about this structure will be shared as student progress in their studies.

Each potential member MUST complete Leandra’s Witchcraft for Beginner’s Course. Click the link below to sign up for the course allowing you to begin. You may also join our email list to get information about joining and when applications are open to potential new members.