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Leandra Witchwood is a Witch of more than twenty-five years. Leandra is the Elder Priestess of her coven Indigo Hearth, an eclectic coven located in South-Central Pennsylvania. Leandra was initially trained in Wicca, beginning with a Faerie tradition, moving on to Gardnerian/Alexandrian, Elven, and Reclaiming. Leandra moved from ceremonial Wicca to practicing a form of Modern Folk/Traditional Witchcraft. She holds certifications in Herbalism, Usui Reiki Master, Celtic Reiki Master, and Shadow Master, to name a few. As the owner of The Witchwood Teahouse, Leandra blends teas and herbal botanicals for health, wellness, ritual, and pleasure. Leandra also runs an empowered school and private community called The Rebel Mystic Community & Academy. She shares her decades of knowledge and experience within this private online space with her members.

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How it works...

The Rebel Mystic Community & Academy touches on 4-key pillars. Each element helps define, establish and live an enchanted life.

Education and Understanding

This is where you get to know the Craft. Whether you identify as a Witch, Wiccan, or Pagan pillar of this community will help you feel supported and knowledgeable. 

Establish a Daily Practice

Maybe this means lighting a candle or drinking your morning coffee with an intention. You will be encouraged to create a practice that is right for you. 

Enlighten and Define

In this pillar, you are encouraged to define and redefine your path as you grow and evolve. After you learn what works and doesn’t work for you, you are given the freedom to mold your path to your needs and desires. 

Magickal Relationships

As you learn and grow you will be connected with other Witches & Pagans walking a similar path. The integrated community allowes you to ask questions and receive help and insight form your follow Rebel Mystics. 

The community closes in...


What's Included in the Mystic Bundle

Monthly LIVE Rituals & Ritual kits

Each month I curate a unique ritual kit tailored to our monthly Rebel Mystic Rituals

Meditations, Journal Prompts & Worksheets

Each month I create recorded meditations for you to download and use. I also create worksheets & journal prompts to help guide your path. 

Full Course Library & Community

As a Rebel Mystic subscriber, you will have FULL access to the community along with the live events. You will also have full access to my growing course library.