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Dark Mirror Coaching

Shadow Work for Witches

A unique blend of Jungian Shadow Work, alchemy, esoteric foundations, energy healing, and Shamanic practices.

Digging Deep

Identify the root causes of the fog you experience in your life.


Safety & Support

Explore subconscious programming and emotions free from judgment.

Reframe & Release

Let go of self-judgment, negative self-talk, and heal old wounds.

Why is Dark Mirror Coaching Different?

A Dark Mirror Coach uses a holistic approach compared to traditional coaching practices. This type of coach works with you to reveal and address your subconscious programming allowing you to rediscover your strengths, and personal power. A Dark Mirror Coach specializes in shadow work and navigating the Shadowlands using various holistic and esoteric methods. The goal is to acknowledge and address your mind, body, and spirit while uncovering and reintegration your unique talents and abilities.

A Balanced Approach

Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions available online or in person. In person session only available at our York, PA location.

Divine Power

Connect to your higher self, divine and divine guidance as you walk the Shadowlands. Develop the relationships that support you.


Reflective inner work, ritual, and transcendental meditation helping you connect fully to the truth of who you are.

Meet Leandra

My name is Leandra Witchwood, and I developed this unique shadow work method after realizing I needed to make a massive shift in my life. I found myself regretting every choice I made without knowing why. I could not make any progress no matter what I tried… or so it seemed.

I hope you will join me as we redefine your wellness and create a sustainable future.

There is a future version of yourself waiting to emerge.

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