• Claiming the Shadow, 6-Week LIVE Shadow Work Course

    by Leandra Witchwood
    1 Lessonin

    In times of great uncertainty, how do we reclaim our power and stability? The answer is within our Shadow. It is time to discover the lost treasures we hold within. It is time to create a container that will hold us during times of significant change and doubt. Join Leandra Witchwood, herbalist, author, Reiki Master & experienced Shadow Priestess, in a 6-week Shadow Work course where she will teach you the tools and techniques essential for creating a solid foundation in Shadow Work. During this 6-week journey, will receive exclusive tools and resources to help you organize and navigate your Shadow Work journey for years to come. These tools are filled with meditations, affirmations, magickal correspondences, deity knowledge, journal prompts, and much more. Join us in support of one another as we traverse the dark nurturing mother’s womb as we rebirth ourselves into harmony, sovereignty, and compassion.