Claiming the Shadow, 6-Week LIVE Shadow Work Course

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In times of great uncertainty, how do we reclaim our power and stability? The answer is within our Shadow. It is time to discover the lost treasures we hold within. It is time to create a container that will hold us during times of significant change and doubt.

🌑What is the Shadow? What is Shadow Work? 🌑

The Shadow are aspects of ourselves that the ego-self rejects, judges, and in a way – locks in the closet. These aspects may not be inherently evil or wrong, but these aspects were deemed unworthy at some point in our lives. After a while, we no longer identified with these personality traits, skills, and talents as part of who we are. But… these aspects don’t stay locked away, nor do they stay quiet. Through this Shadow Work Course, you will learn to discover your limitless capacity to generate real strength from your worst fears. You will learn to communicate with your Shadow as you heal the wounds inflicted. Imagine owning the ability to restore your truth, joy, and passion!

Coming Summer 2021, Claiming the Shadow, a 6-week Shadow Work Course.

🔥Within this 6-week course, you will learn to:

✔️Identify your Shadow, Shadow Aspects, and communicate with this lost or forgotten part of yourself.

✔️ Identify how your Shadow Self inhibits and deflects your Magick as it hinders your ability to manifest your needs and desires.

✔️Create a solid foundation and sense of groundedness when times seem uncertain and imbalanced.

✔️ Manage your life and responsibilities when your foundations are challenged.

✔️ Create relationships with powerful deities who will help guide you on your journey toward authenticity and personal freedom.

✔️Create your own personal healing journey.


Join Leandra Witchwood, herbalist, author, Reiki Master & experienced Shadow Priestess, in a 6-week Shadow Work course where she will teach you the tools and techniques essential for creating a solid foundation in Shadow Work.

During this live-interactive event, she will cover the following and much more…

🙏 Learn how to engage your mind, body & spirit for this unique shadow journey.

🕯️Learn to set up and conduct your own personal rituals and sacred ceremonies for healing and deep connection.

💡 Identify the Shadow, the Shadow-Self, and understand why Shadow Work is so important.

📌Discover and resolve patterns of self-sabotage and resistance in your life.

📍 Identify and work with your shadow guardians and guides.

🦋 Learn to connect with the healing power of Nature, herbs, crystals, and the universe.

🌟 Explore the spiritual side of Shadow Work, beyond the Jungian model – giving you unique tools and techniques for resolving old habits and mindsets.

Learn how the Shadow influences your magick, mindset, and ability to manifest your needs and desires.

This course does not stop there. You will also receive exclusive tools and resources to help you organize and navigate your Shadow Work journey for years to come. These tools are filled with meditations, affirmations, magickal correspondences, deity knowledge, journal prompts, and much more. Join us in support of one another as we traverse the dark nurturing mother’s womb as we rebirth ourselves into harmony, sovereignty, and compassion.