Witches, it's time to come home!

 Join Leandra Witchwood as we traverse the Shadowlands, ignite our magickal fires, and learn to integrate our mystical journey into everyday life.
The Rebel Mystic Community & Academy is a private space for individuals seeking support and structure in navigating their Magickal path.
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The journey can be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

In this space, we congregate to shine a light on the muddiness of our souls. In this place, we connect to the Divine power within. Welcome to a collective of Witches, mystics, masters, and apprentices. I hand you the key to your destiny; may you unlock the door to your greatest needs and desires.

You are summoned to explore your purpose. Your yearning is palatable, like rich chocolate melting on your tongue. Your summons hangs in the air like mist; a higher power draws you in with pure magnitude. You are called to clear your vision and take a leap of faith. May you find rest, solitude, community, and inspiration in this space. May you find vitality and transformation. May you stand with one foot in this world and one in the Otherworld. Stand with strong legs wide and open as you become the conduit for the Divine and the priestess of your path.

Solitary Witches

Gain the opportunity to work with and learn from other witches while remaining solitary.

Witches looking to learn & grow

As a member you access to resources, classes, workshops filled with decades of working experience.

Witches seeking connection

Connect with other witches during our monthly mentoring sessions, journal prompts, and community discussions.

Witches seeking inspiration

Get inspired and motivated to practice your craft with live mentoring, community events & optional private Dark Mirror Coaching with Spiritual Direction.
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How to join

Choose the plan that’s right for you!


$ 0.00 Per month
  • Access to the Free Community Spaces
  • Access to the Free Courses and Workshops
  • Journal Prompts

The Academy

$ 9.99 Per month
  • Access to the Free Community Spaces
  • Self-Paced Courses and Workshops
  • Journal Prompts

The Priestess

$ 19.99 Per month
  • Access to Base Community
  • Self-Paced Courses and Workshops
  • Mentoring Replays
  • Ritual Replays

The Mystic membership

$ 59.99 Per month
  • Full Rebel Mystic Community
  • LIVE Workshops & Classes with Replays
  • Self-Paced Courses and Workshops
  • FREE Curated Ritual Kits*
  • LIVE Rituals & Replays
  • LIVE Mentoring Sessions & Replays
  • Book Club
  • Weekly Deep Dive Discussions
  • The Magickal Compendium
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