Shadow Work is the ultimate journey of Self-Care

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Shadow Work for Witches

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Join us as we travel the road to true freedom and joy anchored in deep connection. Throughout this course, you will discover your capacity to love deeply and stand with courage. This is the path to your authentic self. 

Discover your limitless capacity to generate true strength and manifest your needs and desires. Imagine owning the ability to restore your truth, sexuality, joy, and passion. It is time to own your authentic self as you wade in waters of profound security.

Feel empowered as you directly manifest your needs and desires in your life and thrive in all you do. Live your gifts as you create a world where you are valued and honored.

It is time to let go of the fears that hold you back. It is time to resolve the feeling that there is something fundamentally “wrong” with you or that you are somehow “broken”.

Join Leandra Witchwood as we dive deep into the Shadow and work our way toward wellness & balance. 

Learn the Magick of your Shadow!

The Power of Ceremony

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Learn the art of ritual as a tool for resolving the shadow, establishing balance, infusing your life with Magick, and maintaining balance. 

This section of our program is perfect for those who feel overwhelmed or unmotivated when it comes to Magick, spellwork, and ritual. 

In this ON-LINE, INTERACTIVE Course we will:

  • Learn how to engage your mind, body & spirit for this unique shadow journey.
  • Identify the Shadow, the Shadow-Self, and why Shadow Work is so important.
  • Discover the and resolve patterns you find yourself in.
  • Identify and work with your shadow guardians and guides.
  • Learn to connect with the healing power of Nature
  • Explore the spiritual side of Shadow Work giving you techniques for resolving old habits and mindsets
  • Learn how the Shadow influences your magick, ideas, manifestation, and more.
  • Learn to journey to the heart of your truth

Reclaim your Shadow

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As you learn to resolve your shadow and repair the broken contracts of your soul, you will help resolve our collective shadow. Learn to shift deeply rooted mindsets. Learn to dissolve the collective and unconscious threads that reinforce unjust, oppressive, and hate-fueled dialogue and behaviors.

Deity Work

Throughout this course, we will learn about various Deities that may become beneficial to your unique Shadow Work journey. From Inanna and Ereshkigal to the Morrigan Trinity we will explore “light” and “dark” deities. 

As we learn to work with these powerful entities we will explore their likes, taboos, and their history. Together we will create personal rituals for working with these powerful allies and journey work that will help you connect and communicate.  

Self-Compassion and Self-Love

We begin here as we create a profoundly non-judgmental and open space within ourselves where we can do our Shadow Work. Where we can feel what we need to feel allowing true transformation to take place. We must have the courage and space to look at ourselves honestly, gentleness, and respect that is free from self-shaming and judgment.

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From the Witch's Shadow

Together we will explore Shadow Work and its connection to Witchcraft from spiritual and magickal perspective. As we look at the esoteric viewpoints of how our Shadow aspects and Witchcraft are linked, we will explore how they work together. Through this unique lens we will explore how we create healing and understanding through Shadow Work. 

About Leandra

Leandra is the founder of the food and lifestyle blog The Magick Kitchen, which focuses on Kitchen Witchcraft, herbalism, and many interests and issues related to the Pagan community. From her blog, she led her to write a variety of books focused on helping the beginner and seeker find their path, like Magick in the Kitchen, A real-world spiritual guide for manifesting the Kitchen Witch within. She is also the owner of The Witchwood Teahouse, where she offers a variety of teas and sacred botanicals for health, wellness, ceremony, and more.

Leandra holds Certifications and Diplomas in the following areas:

  • Master Herbalist
  • Celtic Reiki Master
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Advanced Shadow Mastery
  • Devine Feminine Studies
  • Laughter Therapy

Leandra works to help support her local and semi-local Pagan and Witchcraft communities through various political and social initiatives. She serves as clergy within her coven, The Indigo Hearth Coven. She spends time leading rituals, lectures, and workshops on various topics related to Witchcraft, magick, mindset, Tea Magick, and herbalism.

“My favorite time spent in the community is in facilitating Tea Ceremonies and workshops where we explore the value and healing powers of tea. My goal is to rekindle the ancient wisdom we hold within as we remember how to use plants to balance and heal ourselves – mind, body, and spirit.”