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From the Witch's ShadowFINAL
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I really enjoyed this book. It gave a fresh perspective and solid guidance. There were times I was reading it thinking some of the chapters reflected my own life path that it felt like it was reminders of my own story. The author has an incredible way with words and brings them all to life. I highly recommend getting a copy!

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From the Witch’s Shadow​

Shadow Work for Witches.

Within this book, you are taken through a non-denominational version of the pre-Christian faith known as Witchcraft. We will take a look the origins of Witchcraft and how this “Old Religion” manifests today. This book will cover the following subjects, helping to gain understanding: • What makes someone a Witch • The subtle differences between Witchcraft and Wicca • Explore ethical and moral perspectives • How to discover and use your strengths • How to deal with overwhelm • Creating and maintaining sacred space • How magick works • How to develop spells & rituals for your unique path • Become the architect of your magickal journey & MORE! Witchcraft is a journey. It is an adventure! Take your time and enjoy the experience.

Magick in the Kitchen is about developing a better spiritual relationship with food. Transform your thoughts and habits in a practical way that will create a better you as you strengthen your mystical practice in the kitchen. Within this book, you will find helpful advice, tips, tricks, and a few recipes to get you on your way to living a Magickal life as a Kitchen Witch. You will learn practical techniques for preparing food, formulating Magickal Intentions, and manifesting these intentions with specific ingredients. You will also be shown the connection food has to your spirit and each element deepening your spiritual connection. T

This book is a collection of 13 spells every Witch should have in his or her library. Each spell is simple to perform. Each spell uses easy to find ingredients to support the simplicity of each working. You can use this book as a baseline for creating your own spells.