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June 9, 2024
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6:00 pm: Rediscovering The Divine Feminine, The Warrior

June 12, 2024

Step into the circle and invite the secrets, magic, and wisdom of The Great Mother to awaken and move through you as we seek to embody this feminine archetype. This immersive experience merges the exploration of esoteric knowledge with ritual and is inclusive to women and non-binary individuals.

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June 13, 2024
June 14, 2024
June 15, 2024

Meet Leandra

Witch | Wortcunner | Author 

Leandra Witchwood is a Modern Witch and small business owner based in South-Central, PA. She founded the Magick Kitchen Blog, which has now evolved into The Magick Kitchen Podcast, co-hosted with Elyse Welles of Seeking Numina. As an esteemed author, she has written four transformative books on Witchcraft and shadow work. Her unwavering passion for crafting sacred spaces is evident in the women’s circles, rituals, and workshops she leads at various festivals and events with figures like Silver RavenWolf and Clan an Drumma.

As a Master Herbalist and Reiki Master, Leandra channels ancient energies to heal and elevate others, directly reflected in her tea blends at The Witchwood Teahouse. Leandra hand blends each tea from scratch, offering power, intention, and flavor into each brew.

Within the Rebel Mystic Community and Academy, she generously shares her wisdom with fellow witches as she offers online learning and private mentoring. In monthly community events, Leandra draws from her specialties in Occult Herbalism, Shamanism, Reiki, esoteric knowledge, and Shadow Work Mastery, guiding seekers through Folk & Shamanic Witchcraft, somatic practices, breathwork, and rituals while nurturing a deep connection to the Divine Feminine.

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Tea witch

Steeped in magick.

Often witches are defined by the type of magick they prefer or use most often. When considering the many possibilities related to magick and the many kinds of witchcraft out there, we quickly discover a vast-wondering labyrinth of opportunity. Herbal Magick is a great example. As a witch, herbs are my thing! Plants help me, help others heal and balance every aspect of life. I am not complete if I am not touching, smelling, or using plants or herbs every day.


This tea is truly MAGICKAL!! You’ll never brew the same cup twice. This tea changes color each time you brew it. While the pleasant floral and subtle white tea flavors remain consistent the color of this tea will change from golden to purple and grey-purple.

The Witchwood Teahouse

Specially blended for psychic work and divination practices. Enjoy a cup as part of your next card or next psychic/intuitive reading. When muddled this blend is ideal for Tasseomancy.

Books by Leandra

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