Leandra Witchwood


Around here

they are a way of life.

Leandra Witchwood

My journey began through self-discovery. I needed a change in my life. I was trapped in Corporate American and I have no real options except to ditch it all and start over. 

So I did. I began studying everything I could on the Esoteric, Herbs, Magick and more. 

Roughly 15 years ago I earned my Diploma as a Master Herbalist, and here I am. Plants and herbs are my way of life. 

Tea witch

Fully immersed in magick.

Often witches are defined by the type of magick they prefer or use most often. When considering the many possibilities related to magick and the many kinds of witchcraft out there, we quickly discover a vast-wondering labyrinth of opportunity. Herbal Magick is a great example. As a witch, herbs are my thing! I am not complete if I am not touching, smelling, or using them every day.


For the Soul


Women's Circles

Woman in nature holding cup with tea or coffee

Spend time honoring and healing ourselves as we connect with the Sacred Feminine. In these circles we focus on deep work, sisterhood, healing, and more. Activities include meditation, journey work, and chant.

Wellness Workshops

Learn how tea can play an important role in healing the whole self; mind, body, and spirit. 

Together we will use tea and Reiki to cleanse, balance, and heal the Chakras and more.

Tea Ceremonies

Closeup portrait of a female hands holding cup with tea

Tea ceremonies are often seasonal celebrations and observations where we honor our ancestors, the earth, and our unique path.These ceremonies offer a glimpse into the magick of the earth.

Books by Leandra